Fassungsvermögen 610 pers

Besatzung 190 pers

Taille 154,60 m

Tonnengehalt 9563

Kategorie Contemporain

The Funchal is a Portuguese cruise ship built in 1961 by the Helsingør Skibsværft og Maskinbyggeri shipyards in Elsinor for the Empresa Insulana de Navegação company.  She is currently owned by the Portuscales Cruises company.

She is a beautifully designed classic cruise liner, with welcoming lounges and bars and spacious decks, and offers passengers the refined atmosphere of a large yacht.  The Funchal has been constantly upgraded, thanks to a regular renovation and improvement programme.  The ship has 241 cabins and six decks.  She is equipped with air conditioning, three lifts, a swimming pool, two restaurants with a single sitting, a discotheque, video-cinema, casino, library and beauty salon.


She also serves as a ferry between the Azores and Lisbon.  In the winter of 1972, she was transformed into a cruise ship by the Werft Nederlandse Dok shipyard in Amsterdam.  Her engines were also changed at that time.  In March 1973, the ship was bought by the Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Marítimos company.  In 1985, she was acquired by the Arcalia Shipping Company Ltd (which later became Classic International Cruises).  The ship was renovated in 2003.  In 2010, she was sent to the Lisbon shipyard to be adapted to meet SOLAS 2010 standards.  At the same time, the ship's engines had to be changed, and her cabins and lounges refitted.  In November 2011, the ship celebrated her 50th anniversary under the same name.  In April 2012, the work was only 20% finished.  In September 2012, all the ships belonging to Classic International Cruises were immobilised because of unpaid bills.  On 20 December 2012, the company went into liquidation.  The Funchal therefore risked being sent to the breaker's yard.  In February 2013, she was bought by the Portuscales Cruises company, along with the Danae, the Arion and the Athéna.   On 13 August 2013, the Funchal was put back into service.  On 28 August 2013, during a safety check, the ship was immobilised in Gothenburg after numerous faults were discovered in the safety system.  She was authorised to set sail again on 2 September 2013.