Incentives? Let Your Staff Go Green!

Incentive Destination

Everything's green in the Principality, including incentives. Some examples from our leading incoming agencies.

The Welcome Travel Team is offering "a green way to discover a green country," with e-mopeds.  These wonderful contraptions are half-way between a bike and an electric scooter.  Once you've mastered the technique, you can set off for a trip around Monaco!  E-mope fans like to stop on the way to admire the Principality's wealth of architecture and heritage.  When it's flat, you can use the pedals, and if there's a hill ahead, just open the throttle and let the (green) electric power do the work.  A brilliant way to have fun while protecting the environment!

Similarly, Pacific World is proposing the "Green Attitude."  Incentives participants won't go unnoticed in their "Twizzy," an electric car that's half the size of a Smart car.  Like a Formula 1 racing car, it only has one seat, for the driver.  If they prefer, incentives groups can choose the "Estrima Brio," which is also an electric car, but with two seats.  One thing is certain, whether alone or in a couple, there's nothing like a tour around the Principality on the byways… an important anti-pollution initiative.

Is your company aiming for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?  Raising Stones Events enables you to stay true to your values, in all kinds of ways – by giving a donation to the MIR Côte d’Azur Association, for example.  Since 1990, this association has been working to provide food and shelter for the most disadvantaged people.  It's possible to become very involved by helping the medical services to distribute meals to the poorest people, or even preparing these meals.  Incentives participants can have fun learning to become forest rangers, responsible for protecting the beautiful hinterland of Cote d'Azur from forest fires.  The objective is to cut off the lowest branches of the trees, limiting the risk of fire.  A real adventure!

Daniela Menzel, Monaco Office Manager at Laget & Partner, is German, and has environmental protection in her blood!  Using Monegasque city buses that run on Diester or the new generation regional buses, she organises high environmental quality excursions and discovery trips of the Principality … on foot!  It's easy in 2km2, and very enjoyable.  Another fun idea is a quiz rally on foot, with no paper – the questions are all on an iPad!  Participants can see some beautiful countryside, and it's even possible to plant some trees.  The food – which is delicious – is from restaurants specialising in local, seasonal products.  If you feel like being transported around after this lovely day out, all kinds of electric cars are available, as well as electric scooters, of course.

AlliedPRA Monte Carlo believes in showing an example in a green Principality by playing an active role in protecting Nature and its resources.  Social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of its business, and the challenge is to share it.  AlliedPRA Monaco is very committed to sustainable development and ecology, both in Monaco and on the Côte d'Azur, and is also a member of the GMIC (Green Meetings Industry Council).  All of its MICE meetings (meetings, incentives, conferences, events) offer participants an opportunity to respect environmental best practices and the social and environmental responsibility of their business while staying totally in line with the aim of the event and the ROI and the ROE set by their company.  AlliedPRA Monte Carlo encourages its clients to help many local charitable associations, such as the Prince Albert II Foundation, a benchmark in environmental protection, "The Children of Frankie" ("Les enfants de Frankie"), which helps sick children, and the Cuomo Foundation, which supports the education of disadvantaged children.