The Grimaldi Forum – A Very Green Congress Centre!

Congress Destination

The Grimaldi Forum has ISO 14001 certification. Its architecture is of high environmental quality and it's possible to offset the carbon consumption of your conferences … but that's not all! The Grimaldi Forum is involved in sustainable development on a daily basis. A few examples:

Every year, the Grimaldi Forum takes part in Monacology, a Monegasque environmental and sustainable development awareness week for children.  In association with the Prince Albert II Foundation, it offers a workshop on the themes of wood and combating deforestation, to teach children how to protect forests.

The Grimaldi Forum is taking action against deforestation, in conjunction with Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority and the Prince Albert II Foundation.  The ecosystem of tropical forests is in danger – 75% of the Earth's biodiversity is found in these forests, and their destruction is responsible for more than 20% of greenhouse gases.  These three entities are working to promote the economic development of this natural resource in the face of pressure from intensive farming.

New signage has recently been installed in the Grimaldi Forum.  It is very visual, using photos and colour codes, and clearly identifies the waste sorting areas, whatever the nationality of the conference participants or the language spoken … clever!

A wood recycling facility has been set up in the congress centre – 80 tonnes were collected in the first year, proof of its effectiveness.  The Grimaldi Forum has also created an e-mag, "Monaco Act Green," which can be downloaded from its web site.  It was awarded the "Act Green Efficiency Prize" for these two activities by the Junior Chamber International Monaco 

The Secretary-General of the UN, Mr Ban Ki-moon, showed a particular interest in the arrangements at the Grimaldi Forum on one of his recent visits to the Principality.  He particularly liked the waste sorting facility and the way the cooling system operates, based on the temperature of the water in the sea nearby.  A perfect example of ecological commitment in Principality.