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The Ist International Hat Competition in Monaco

05/09/2012  Business

"Ladies & the City" are organising an international hat competition on 16 September as part of the event "Grace, a Symbol of Change"

Elegance will take centre stage at the Monte Carlo Beach's Deck restaurant on Sunday 16 September, the third day of the event "Grace, A Symbol Of Change," with the very first "Ladies & the City" International Hat Competition.

Sunday's programme will also include an exhibition of vintage cars.

This first hat competition will be presided over by fashion icon Jimmy Choo.  It will attract participants and designers from all over the world, as well a fans of capelines, charlottes, faluches, hennins, bonnets, akubras, chapkas, berets, mantillas, bowlers, panama hats, boaters, Borsalinos, isicholos, tignons, doulis, etc., in every shape and form!

Further information on the Ladies & The City International Hat Competition is available on:  www.graceasymbolofchange.org/intl-hat-contest/

Photo credits:  APM R.Howel Conant

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