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Well-Being for the Family in Monaco

04/06/2012  Relaxing & Well being

Centres in the Principality are offering parent and child treatments for a relaxing family experience

The Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo (TMMC):  Healthy mums have happy babies!

After pregnancy and the birth of a baby, daily life will never be the same again!  The Thermes Marins can support mother and baby right from the start.
Helping new mums feel fulfilled, promoting babies' well being and encouraging communication between mother and baby through touch - baby massage on a futon.

Fulfilled mums
Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are precious moments in a woman's life.  However, they can also lead to psychological disorders like the Baby Blues or physical problems such as weight gain or persistent stretch marks.
Sophrology is a gentle method using suggestion.  It can help a new mother to better understand the Baby Blues, a syndrome that can give rise to very unpleasant feelings of emptiness and anxiety. 

"Slimming" techniques are already well established at the TMMC and are adapted to each individual (whether breastfeeding or not).  One such technique is INDIBA, a revolutionary technique using high frequency waves, which acts on the ionic balance of the cell.  Fats are released, cellular regeneration is stimulated and the tissues are firmed.  
The body regains its former tone and shape.

The INDIBA Body Session (140 €):
Unsightly stretch marks can persist even after the birth.  The MLS, or Medical Light System, offers an effective solution for stretch marks.  This innovative technique uses LED technology (it emits a light wave, which is selected according to the results to be achieved).  This fast, painless method has no side effects and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by up to 90%.

A session costs from 75 to 180 Euros depending on the areas to be treated.

Because slimming should also be a pleasure, RENEVE is offering three targeted SLIMMING wraps:  anti-cellulite, anti-fat and toning for the circulation – total success via highly concentrated treatments using active substances, with visible results from the very first sessions.

20-minute session:  68 Euros

KERASKIN, and its latest concept, BODY MORPHOSE 2012, is composed of three body treatments with "surgical precision" for a radical transformation of the body.  A targeted response, depending on the areas to be treated, to resculpt, refine, redesign and lift the outline of the body.

60-minute session: 135 Euros

Mums can take advantage of these "slimming appointments" to meet a nutritionist, who will design an individualised programme and outline the key points of a balanced diet, which is necessary for keeping up energy levels.

A mum who feels good about herself is ready to start her new life with a smile!

Baby's well being

Birth is also a very special time for babies, but can lead to certain disorders, which are very easy to treat with fasciatherapy.  This gentle manual technique makes it possible to remove trauma caused by tension or pressure, particularly with regard to the baby's skull, that have arisen during the birth.  
The therapist's hands can sense the movement of fluids and can therefore release tension, reviving and harmonising the flow of energy.

The baby feels calm and regains a more peaceful life and sleep rhythm.

30-minute session: 100 Euros

Learning close communication between mother and baby through touch – baby massage on a futon.

Massage is always an act of giving for the person who is practising it, but when it is carried out with maternal love it takes on a new, special dimension.  It is both relaxing and a way of awakening the senses and communication through touch.

Baby massage on a futon is inspired by Indian massage techniques, which consist of massaging the back, then the limbs and the abdomen, with special, neutral oil or talcum powder.

The technique is very gentle.  It begins on the back, with light, circular movements that alternate and move energy towards the upper limbs.  Then the massage moves to the shoulder, and the therapist's hands work on the arms with superficial pressure, moving down to the end of the fingers with crossover movements.

The same technique is used on the lower limbs, and the abdomen is gently massaged with alternating clockwise movements in a soothing rhythm.

This massage to awaken the senses ends with stimulating and massaging the baby's feet.  Movements that open the baby's arms and legs can stimulate the infant's development and encourage coordination.

This massage is carried out with the mother present.  It is also an educational experience, as the therapist can pass on the correct massage techniques to the mother, so this special time for mother and baby can be repeated again and again.

30-minute session: 100  Euros

Special "Mother – Teenager" Treatments at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo's Willow Stream Spa

While the over’s 16s can enjoy a massage at the Willow Stream Spa, younger teenagers can have a manicure or pedicure, with their parent's agreement, by the poolside at the "Spa by the Pool" or in the Nail Spa on the sixth floor.  

Willow Stream Manicure:  60 minutes
This luxurious manicure uses the Willow Stream range of products and includes a special scrub, an application of myrrh oil for healthy nails, a hand bath with mineral salts and essential oils, a paraffin wax treatment and a massage for the hands and arms with a revitalising, moisturising butter.   

Willow Stream Pedicure:  60 minutes
This treatment uses the Willow Stream Energy range of products.  It is not just a beauty treatment for the feet but also gives the whole body a boost of energy.  Our luxury treatment includes an exfoliation, a foot bath with sea salts and minerals, a paraffin wax treatment and a foot massage with moisturising butter.   

Classic manicure:  45 minutes (with paraffin wax:  60 minutes)
This manicure uses our exclusive rose and jasmine invigorating perfume.  It comprises a hand bath and massage, nail shaping and an application of nail varnish.   

Classic pedicure:  45 minutes (with paraffin wax:  60 minutes)
This classic pedicure uses our exclusive rose and jasmine perfume. It comprises a foot bath, an exfoliation, a massage, nail shaping and an application of nail varnish.   

Marine Manicure:  45 minutes
Our classic manicure uses an exotic edelweiss and citrus perfume.  It comprises a hand bath, a massage, nail shaping and an application of nail varnish.   

Marine Pedicure:  45 minutes
Our classic pedicure uses a healing rosemary, lavender and pine perfume.  Relax with a foot bath, exfoliation, massage, nail shaping and an application of nail varnish.

Prices start at 39 € for a poolside manicure, and from 59 € for a pedicure.  

"Mums and Daughters" Manicures and Pedicures at the Métropole ESPA

The Métropole Monte-Carlo and its Spa are offering beauty treatments for the hands or feet (without essential oils for children) and an application of nail varnish.

Mother and daughter can laze by the side of the hotel's new swimming pool, which was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, and enjoy smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails, or even dishes from Joël Robuchon's menu.

An express manicure or pedicure is offered (25 mins) for 50 Euros per person.  Adults can enjoy a more extensive manicure (1 hour) and pedicure (1 hour 15 mins) by ESPA at 100 € and 120 € respectively.

Further information:

Thermes Marins de Monaco:  http://fr.thermesmarinsmontecarlo.com/
Willow Stream Spa:  http://www.willowstream.com/montecarlo
Metropole ESPA:  http://www.metropole.com/fr/spa-montecarlo/metropole-espa


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