Phoenix Reisen

Capacity 800 pers

Crew 380 pers

Taille 205.45 m

Tonnage 28518

Category Contemporain

MS Albatros is a cruise ship, operated by the Germany-based travel agency Phoenix Reisen.

Phoenix Reisen first begun operating cruises under its own brand in 1988 when the company chartered the West German-built cruise ship SS Maxim Gorkiy from the Soviet Union-based Black Sea Shipping Company on a 20-year charter agreement.  In 1993 a second ship joined the Phoenix Reisen fleet, when SS Albatros was chartered from V-Ships. Unlike the Maxim Gorkiy, which retained the colours of her owners in Phoenix service, the Albatros was painted in Phoenix Reisen’s own colours with a turquoise funnel displaying the company logo.
Due to numerous mechanical problems, Phoenix Reisen decided to prematurely terminate the charter of the Albatros in December 2003. As a replacement Phoenix quickly chartered MS Crown in January 2004, which was renamed MS Albatros.

Name :

1973-1991 : Royal Viking Sea

1991-1997 : Royal Odyssey

1997-2001 : Norwegian Star

2001-2004 : Crown

2004-present : Albatros

Operator :

1972-1991 : Royal Viking Line

1991-1997 : Royal Cruise Line

1997-1998 : Norwegian Cruise Line

1999-2001 : Norwegian Capricorn Line

2001-2002 : Star Cruises

2002 : Crown Investments

2002-2005 : Spanish Cruise Line

2005-present : Phoenix Reisen

Launched :

19 January 1973

Acquired :

16 November 1973

In service :

25 November 1973