Delphin Delphin


Capacité 470 pers

Equipage pers

Taille 156,27 m


Catégorie Contemporain

Acquired end 2011 from bankruptcy of dolphin Kreuzfahrten. The new owner is of India interest. Start operations April 2012.

The Delphin has been laid up for more than a year following the insolvency of Delphin Kreuzfarten. She is bought by Indian investor as a new operator, Passat Kreuzfahrten, has been set up to bring the ship back into operation starting in aprul 2012. former Delphin sales head, and Andreas Hey, the son of former Delphin owner Heinz-Herbert Hey Andreas Hey will act as joint md of Passat Kreuzfahrten together with Yogesh Gupta. The newly established company is based in hamburg with a branch office in Offenbach. Delphin’s maiden voyage from Venice is scheduled in early April after refurbishment at Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia.