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A World First at Monte-Carlo Opera

27/09/2010  Cultura

At the request of Monte-Carlo Opera, René Koering has composed "Die Marquise von O " (The Marquise of O) after a work by Heinrich von Kleist

Monte-Carlo Opera has had a policy of commissioning new works since 1894.  This has ensured its reputation for creativity on the Monegasque stage for half a century.  The year 1914 was a record year, with a total of 12 works, five of which were premières!

The world first of "Die Marquise von O," after a novel by Heinrich von Kleist (1777 - 1811), revives this hundred-year old tradition of new works in Monte-Carlo.

After the eponymous film by Eric Rohmer (1976), it's now opera's turn to narrate the scandalous pregnancy of a Marquise in Italy at the beginning of the 19th century.

Kleist speaks to us poetically of the traumas of war, the burden of social conventions in a family clouded by its reputation and violence towards women.  The young German dramatist Gabriele Hoffman has taken up the challenge of adapting Kleist's poetic world into a truly theatrical libretto.

Monte-Carlo Opera entrusted the composition of "Die Marquise von O" to René Koering, who is the author of five operas (Elseneur, La Lune Vague, La Marche de Radetzky, Marie de Montpellier and Scènes de chasse).

La Marquise Von O
Monte-Carlo Opera
Friday 22 April 2011 (gala)
Wednesday 27 April 2011 – 8 pm
Sunday 24 April 2011 – 3 pm

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