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Exhibition of the members of the “Art Club Monte Carlo”

10/16/2012  Culture

Gallery Carré Doré présents Art Club untill October 29th

A few months ago, the Carré Doré Gallery has created the very first “Art Club” of Monte-Carlo.

As a meeting place between art lovers and artists, the Art Club aims to present outstanding artists from a wide range of artistic movements.

Since then, artists from all around the world became members of the Art Club. We present some of them in this new exhibition.

Olivia Boa – Switzerland : this young artist started painting at 10 years old, next to Yves Armani, before continuing her work and researches in abstract painting.
Agim Sulaj – Albania : first inspired by the coast, streets and alleys of Vlora in Albania, he opted for a hyper realistic style, full of nostalgia, and also humoristic drawings to highlight the social and political issues of our time.

Bettina Werner – USA : her nickname “Queen of salt” comes from her pioneering and revolutionary use of salt in the creation of paintings, sculptures and installations. A technique she developed in the early 80s. Since that period, her exhibitions are successful, in the United States and Europe.


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