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Monaco Dance Forum Festival from 13 to 22 December

10/26/2012  Culture

The Festival will open with the Princess Grace Academy, Zimmermann and De Pierrot

The Monaco Dance Forum Festival will open on 13 December with two performances.   

The Princess Grace Dance Academy will present its works from 6.30 pm – an opportunity to discover the students' talent and maturity.

The Hans Wass Heiri Ballet will then perform in the Salle des Princes at 8.30 pm.

"Hans was Heiri" is a Swiss German expression meaning "It's all the same in the end."  Zimmermann and De Pierrot base their ideas on the observation that human beings are all very similar, and in fact they differ surprisingly little in their feelings and the way they behave.

Accompanied by five circus artistes and exceptional dancers, they end up where no-one expects them to in this new work.  Different?  The same?  Or just different in the way they resemble each other?

More info on:  www.balletsdemontecarlo.com

Photo credits:  DR

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