New National Museum of Monaco presents ‘Portraits d’intérieurs’ exhibition

7/10/2014  Leisure

Until January 18, 2015, five artists are revisiting Villa Sauber’s various spaces

The New National Museum of Monaco has invited five contemporary artists (Marc-Camille Chaimowicz, Danica Dakic, Brice Dellsperger, Nick Mauss and Laure Prouvost) to stage replicas of interiors at Villa Sauber, using wallpapers, furniture, carpets and curtains, mirrors, flowers, cups of tea, ceramic artefacts...


Moving from room to room, visitors will explore an exhibition of different universes: an imaginary bedroom belonging to Jean Cocteau inspired by the décor of Les Enfants Terribles (The Holy Terrors), a cabin in the wilderness through the video installation Wantee, a surprising remake of cult films in Body Double, a yellow velvet box, the installation Isola Bella and its show accessories...


Parisian interior decoration atelier Antoinette Poisson has furnished the Reading Room with three types of wallpaper drawn, printed and painted using eighteenth-century techniques.


Villa Sauber offers themed visits by reservation only, workshops for children during the school vacation, guided tours every weekend, and opportunities to meet the artists.


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Photo: NMNM/Mauro Magliani & Barbara Piovan Courtesy The Artist and Cabinet, London

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