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New Temporary Exhibition at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, Monaco

4/8/2014  Leisure

"Received Ideas in Prehistory" until 30 October 2014

Let's put an end to received ideas!
Who has never dreamed of living the life of prehistoric Man?

Hunting dinosaurs and giant mammoths, living in a pretty little cave worthy of any self-respecting hunter-gatherer, or spending your time making flint tools.  The reality of our beloved past … or figments of our imagination?

Be careful, because misconceptions are rife in the world of Prehistory!

To shed light on received ideas, the Museum invites you to investigate for yourself – did fights between Velociraptors and Man really happen?  Is the famous Lucy, discovered in Africa, really our ancestor?  Did all prehistoric people really live in caves?  Did the Gauls erect the menhirs?

A new, attractive and instructive exhibition to distinguish what really happened … from what didn't!

Received Ideas in Prehistory 
Temporary exhibition until 30 October 2014
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology (Visitors' entrance by the Exotic Garden)


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