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New in Monaco – the Powerhouse Pilates Center

1/7/2014  Sport

Naouel Lledo is offering Pilates sessions on the Port of Fontvieille, in a unique setting by the sea

The Pilates method was created in 1880 by JOSEPH Pilates, who was German.  It consists of a set of varied exercises and physical training and aims to balance the muscles and improve posture.

The exercises target mainly the abdomen, pelvis and the buttocks.   They are carried out on a floor mat or with the aid of equipment, enabling the movements to be made gently.

In addition to the physical exercises, the mind is also involved, as the method helps to develop awareness of the body.

The Pilates method is ideal for sportspeople and dancers who need to look after their body, but is also suitable for backache sufferers and anyone wishing to look more toned and shapely.  It is also suitable for people who are "lazy" about exerting themselves, as the exercises are very gentle.

The abdominals are worked thoroughly, the body becomes more supple, and the muscles develop harmoniously.

For best results, the first classes are on a one-to-one basis  (but never with more than three or four people per session) because it is important to have a personal approach based on each person's posture.

Further information:
Powerhouse Pilates Centre Monaco
28, Quai Jean-Charles Rey
Tel:  06 13 82 82 10

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