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Sharks in Monaco

5/16/2013  Stay

The new exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, "Sharks," will open on 8 June 2013

From 8 June, World Oceans Day, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco will offer visitors a sensory exhibition, with a chance to meet sharks.  

Through a new visitor experience, the public will be invited to enjoy a real adventure, to overcome their prejudices and discover the true nature of these lords of the sea.

Quite naturally, the tour will begin with the aquariums and the Shark Lagoon, a giant 450,000-liter (118,877.416 US gallons) aquarium containing several specimens, from the imposing 3m-long (9.8 ft) nurse shark to the impressive black tip sharks, as well as some new occupants, the grey reef sharks.

A huge digital fresco, 20 m (65 ft) long and 3 m (9.8 ft) high and resembling an aquarium will reveal the biological and behavioral characteristics of around ten different species.  The sharks are shown life size, and will swim around in front of the visitors, who can bring them to life using interactive controls.

To show the public the special structure of a shark's jaws and teeth, several large models will be on show in a "Gallery of Smiles."  

Visitors will be invited to use their sense of touch and will be allowed to place their hands on the impressively large jaw of a tiger shark – up to 55 cm (22 inches) high with the mouth open.  Looking through a porthole, visitors can also immerse themselves in a world without sharks.  A frightening simulation!

Finally, to bring about a reconciliation between humans and sharks, visitors who wish to can put aside their nervousness and slide their hand into the water to stroke the back or side of a pajama shark, striped leopard shark or starry smooth-hound.  A unique experience.

The "SHARKS" exhibition will be open from 8 June 2013, for two years:


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