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Special ‘Summer Vacation’ program at Monaco Oceanographic Museum

7/7/2014  For Kids

During the school vacation, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is organizing workshops and activities to unveil the secrets of the sea

Numerous events, for young and old alike, will run until August 31, 2014.


This summer, visitors will be able to learn all about piranhas.


Thanks to an exhibition of works by Chinese artists, sharks will no longer be a mystery, and the bravest visitors will be able to stroke these much feared animals.


Is coral an animal or a plant? With the help of the Liquid Galaxy simulator, magnifying glasses and microscopes, visitors will be able to explore the world of these tiny creatures.


New aquariums have also been installed, where you can find the most iconic inhabitants of the ocean.



A member of staff will reveal all about the lives of tortoises during an encounter with these reptiles and their shells.


Visitors will not want to miss feeding time for our residents at the Shark Lagoon.


Finally, the Tactile Pool offers the opportunity to spend 45 minutes stroking a star fish, a sea urchin or a baby shark, and discover other secrets of the sea.


Every day from 13.30 to 18.00, films will be shown at the Sea Cinema: The Mystery of Whale Sharks, In the Eyes of Sharks, Swimming with Sharks, Sharks under Scrutiny, Guadalupe White Sharks, and Requiem for a Giant.


Once a week, one lucky visitor will be selected to receive a souvenir photograph as a memento of their visit to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.


With the exception of the Tactile Pool, events and film screenings are included as part of the ticket price.


The activity program will run until August 31, 2014.


For more information, visit  www.oceano.mc

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