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Thank You Very Much, Mr Bouquier

10/14/2011  Monaco around the world

Everyone had a lump in their throat this afternoon when Michel Bouquier left his post and thanked everyone who had worked with him for nine "exceptional" years at Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority.

In 2002, when Michel BOUQUIER was appointed President of Tourism, he immediately implemented some major reforms.  He carried out his plan of action methodically through a detailed roadmap.  Statistics, marketing, communication – the strategy was carefully studied to come up with the winning formula.

But Michel BOUQUIER's success was also due to his creativity and strength of conviction.  Method, conviction and vision - Monaco Tourist Authority would achieve its "momentum."  A word dear to Michel BOUQUIER, which, in the language of Shakespeare, describes this creative impulse, the key to any success.

He went on to expand Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority's international network by creating six new offices, developing communications, implementing Web 2.0.  and launching the "Monaco Private Label" concept.  He organized the "A Night in Monaco" events in London In 2010 and in Milan in 2011 … a real success story, as borne out by exceptional results for tourism.

A whole team was involved in, and motivated by, this whirlwind of innovations and successes. "It was like a real friendship," stated Michel Bouqier this afternoon, referring to his relationship with his staff.

We can confirm that it was indeed like a real friendship, the friendship of a best friend.
Thank you very much,
Thank you very much, Mr Bouquier.
Thank you very much from all of us, first of all,
Thank you very much from Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority,
And finally, thank you very much from the Principality of Monaco.

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