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The Art of Drinking Whisky at the Bar of the Novotel Monaco

10/11/2012  Restaurant

The Glenfiddich Steeler - a new way for whisky lovers to enjoy the famous Single Malt

From 15 October 2012, the bar of the Novotel Café is suggesting a different way of drinking Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich, in association with the designer Philippe Di Méo, has created a completely new way to enjoy a 12-year-old Glenfiddich – the Glenfiddich Steeler.

Philippe Di Méo has designed an amazing implement that can hold freshly cut lemon or pink grapefruit peel.  This object, which represents the new Art of Drinking, is made by the Orfèvrerie d'Anjou in stainless steel with fine guilloché engraving.

To serve:  Put freshly cut lemon or pink grapefruit peel in the Glenfiddich Steeler.  Stand the Steeler in a glass of 12-year-old Glenfiddich. 

In this way, the peel brings out the citrus notes of the Single Malt.  After passing across the hollow part of the Glenfiddich Steeler, the aromas of the Single Malt will explode in your mouth.  An intense, new and unique taste experience.

Novotel Café

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