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The Renaissance of the Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo

10/5/2012  Food, palaces

The Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM has just announced its renovation project for this legendary luxury hotel situated in the Place du Casino

The renovation will involve the whole of the hotel.

The overall accommodation capacity will be similar to the current capacity, but the surface area of the hotel rooms and suites will be enlarged, and the proportion of suites will be increased.

Major innovations include the creation of a courtyard garden at the centre of the hotel and a redesigned roof area, which will house a new spa, fitness and swimming pool space, luxury suites and a "penthouse" with a private garden and swimming pool.

This renovation work and these innovations will enable the Hôtel de Paris to continue to keep up to date with clients' expectations of luxury hotels, which are increasingly demanding.

The project respects the spirit of the Hôtel de Paris.  The historic façade of the hotel, which faces the Café de Paris, will be kept intact.  Legendary areas, such as the entrance hall and cellar, and iconic features, such as the American Bar, the Empire Room, the Louis XV and the Grill, will remain.

The renovation will begin in January 2014, concomitant with work on the Sporting d’Hiver, and is expected to last four years.  It is planned to "phase" the work, so the hotel can remain partially open to guests.

In accordance with the S.B.M.'s commitment to sustainable development, the project falls within the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) guidelines.


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