Green meetings


Contribute to a Carbon Neutral Program

Commit to compensate for the ecological impact of your event in Monaco through carbon offsetting. This means carbon-offsetting in favor of a sustainable development program supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation and therefore investing in a real project. In return, your program will be officially designated as Carbon Neutral.

The role of the Foundation is to encourage the implementation of innovative and ethical solutions in three main areas: climate change, safeguarding biodiversity and ensuring access to water for all. For more information on the Prince Albert II Foundation, please visit:

For information on how to offset the carbon imprints of your meeting in Monaco, please contact Cindy Hoddeson at the Monaco Government Tourist Office:

Monaco's Hotels and the Environment

Fairmont Monte Carlo is Offering a Guide for Green Meetings

The Eco-Meet program is offered by Fairmont at all its properties throughout North America and at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. Eco-Meet is a green meeting and conference planning alternative which helps planners by providing a meeting structure that encourages maximum waste diversion and environmental awareness for conference delegates. Eco-Meet consists of options that can be tailored to the individual needs of the client. They can meet their environmental goals while choosing how “green” they want to go. Eco-Meet provides meeting planners with "disposable-free" food and beverage services, meeting room recycling stations, edible/organic or reusable centerpieces and the option for purchasing energy/emissions offsets. Other eco-friendly offerings include energy-efficient lighting and water-conserving fixtures in guest rooms, and eco-cuisine that uses local, seasonal or organically grown foods in meals whenever possible. For all the details on the program, please visit Opened by Princess Grace more than 30 years ago, the Fairmont Monte Carlo was the first hotel in Europe to use its local resources in an effort to preserve our planet. The hotel has been using the Mediterranean Sea as energy to heat and cool its 616 bedrooms since it opened its doors in 1975.

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo Takes the Green Attitude

Hotel Metropole believes that its own development should include the pursuit of a healthier way of life for guests and staff members. In this perspective, the hotel undertook to act in order to contribute to environmental protection. The hotel has formed a “Green Committee” composed of 20 staff members. The committee’s objective is to implement initiatives in key areas, such as recycling, energy and water saving, and consumption of green and fair trade products. Every new employee is expected to put into practice on a daily basis the “Staff’s Environmental Charter”. A “Green Advice” document is presented to clients and a “Green Attitude” logo has been designed and is put on all marketing and PR documents to underline the hotel’s commitment to environmental protection. A trendy yet practical shopping bag “Green Attitude by Metropole Monte-Carlo” is available for purchase at the Concierge desk. Your participants will promote environmental actions while shopping in Monaco! For more information, visit

The Environmental Charter of SBM Monte-Carlo

SBM Monte-Carlo has set up an action plan aiming to encourage eco-friendly conduct and to meet international goals in environmental matters. This plan features 23 measures covering the following areas: information and awareness, energy and water consumption, waste management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, use of recycled paper and eco-friendly products, and the reduction of the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in green areas. The implementation of the plan in all SBM hotels and restaurants is subject to annual evaluations. To learn about these measures of the SBM Environmental Charter, please check out:

Columbus Monaco, a Pioneer in Waste Sorting and Recycling

Columbus Monaco has a longstanding commitment to sustainable development in the area of waste management. In 2005, the hotel signed a partnership with SMA, a local company specializing in decontamination, for waste sorting and recycling. SMA invested 16,000 Euros in two waste compactors imported from Finland that the hotel leases for 400 Euros a month. The machines store waste paper and cardboard, which are then is also collected and treated. Used printer cartridges are sent to charities supporting children’s care and education. Particular attention is given to disposal of cooking oil. A new system for breaking down fats, using an environmentally-friendly process, will soon be implemented. For more information, visit

Green Rooms at Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Le Meridien Beach Plaza is also following the green path. The hotel’s guest rooms offer its clients the option of keeping their linen for several days. Televisions are no longer turned on before arrival of guests and low consumption light bulbs are replacing the old ones.

Green "Certified" Convention Center

In October 2008, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco became one of the first European convention center to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Right from the start, the architects addressed environmental issues in the design of the centre’s insulation, energy and air conditioning. The Grimaldi Forum is an engineering miracle built on land reclaimed from the sea. Five hundred cubic meters of water are pumped per hour, generating energy to heat and cool the water needed for air conditioning. The electricity consumed to run the pumps is not used to produce heat but merely to transport it. This air conditioning system helps to save energy while using an entirely renewable energy source − seawater − and without damaging sea life in any way. By obtaining the ISO 14001:2004 certification, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco hopes to satisfy customers' growing concerns over green issues, which are becoming important criteria in site selection. Furthermore, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco proposes tailor-made solutions for organizers wishing to limit the environmental footprint of their event. The entire team is committed to adopt an eco-friendly attitude in their daily professional lives by signing the “Grimaldi Forum Monaco eco-responsibility charter”, which gives instructions on how to save energy, conserve water, recycle, “print right”, etc. The Grimaldi Forum’s staff also participated in a community project that consisted of replanting trees in an area damaged by fire last year. For more details on the Grimaldi Forum's eco-friendly policy, please visit Their recently created “Act Green” logo is the new hallmark of the convention center’s eco-responsible communication policy.

Other Green Initiatives in the Principality

Mobility and Transportation: Addressing carbon emission and improving quality of life.
Through smart planning and public policy, Monaco is addressing the needs of the planet and the needs of its people. In addition to residents, 40,000 people commute to Monaco every day. Congestion is reduced via park-and-ride facilities; the “Monacovoiturage” carpooling program; and increasing daily train service to 100 by next year. Perhaps the simplest tactic was reducing the cost of a bus ticket to just one euro, increasing ridership by 20 percent. The Principality is reducing its carbon footprint within the city in a variety of innovative ways: All public service vehicles are either electric, hybrid or run on bio-fuel. The government provides free charging points for electric vehicles and offers financial incentives for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars. Several times a year – on a Sunday - a ‘green trail’ through Monaco is reserved for bicyclists. A permanent bicycle path is in the works and there are more than 50 electrically assisted bicycles available free of charge to residents and subscribers. Throughout the Principality, elevators and escalators encourage walking and ease traffic congestion.

Meet Monaco’s locals and “Save the Earth”

In an effort to reduce traffic, noise and pollution in the Principality, the “Bus Boat” water shuttle was launched in August as part of Monaco’s mass transit system - considered one of Europe’s most efficient. For just one Euro, passengers can cross the harbor and continue traveling on any one of the Principality’s buses using the same ticket as long as the connection is made within 30 minutes. Meeting and incentive participants can also experience Monaco’s bus and water shuttle – it’s a great way to meet the locals while saving time, shoe leather and the Earth! For more details, please visit

Go Visit the Polar Bears aboard the Prince Albert II

Honoring its important commitment to the environment, Silversea named its new expedition ship Prince Albert II. "We are deeply honored to have our new expedition ship named after His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco," said Manfredi Lefebvre, Silversea's chairman. "His passion for environmental conservation is well known and we are committed to supporting his mission by offering travelers the chance to discover and appreciate some of the world's most remote and unspoiled regions." Prince Albert I, a pioneer in oceanographic science and exploration, first explored the Arctic's Svalbard archipelago early last century and founded the world renowned Oceanographic Institute. In 2006, Prince Albert II plotted a similar course on part of his journey to the North Pole, in an effort to add to the scientific body of work started by his ancestor and to draw attention to the effects of global warming on the Arctic regions. As a result, the Prince is the first incumbent head of state to have reached the northern most point on Earth. The Prince Albert II features voyages of 10 to 21 days focusing on polar adventures. Guests aboard will not only travel to the Arctic, but see, feel and experience up-close all it has to offer. With a veteran expedition team, as well as a panel of lecturers and naturalists, including geologists, ornithologists, biologists and historians, to accompany and guide them on their travels, every day will bring new adventures, such as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot a polar bear in its natural ice-floe habitat, puffins bathing in the sea, or a family of walruses soaking up the sun. Motivate your achievers with the experience of the thrill of a true expedition while enjoying a privileged lifestyle that is simply second-to-none. For more information, visit