Why you should choose Monaco ?


  • Hotels with a real tradition of customer service: 2,500 rooms within striking distance of the Grimaldi Forum.
  • A High Tech, Eco-certified convention centre internationally awarded by professionals
  • A 2 km2 country, reputed for its security, where everything is within walking distance
  • A whole range of activities and venues to compliment your events
  • A real expertise in organising 100% GREEN functions
  • Official government support with a single coordinator to streamline communications during your whole event
  • Mediterranean climate all year round


  • A dynamic and diversified economic platform. The leading business sectors in the Principality are healthcare, banking and finance, high tech, tourism, international trade, shipping and real estate
  • The most dynamic source of employment in Southern Europe
  • With over 5,000 businesses harnessing the talents of 119 different nationalities.
  • The safest and most cosmopolitan State in the world
  • Harmonised prices and attractive value for money
  • A country that is pro-active and heeded, particularly on issues pertaining to the environment, protecting oceans and sustainable development on a worldwide scale
  • A land of art and culture. The vitality and the diversity of the artistic events it hosts have forged Monaco’s international identity
  • One of the world’s sporting capitals, hosting prestigious competitions and committed to building a better world through sport