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Prince's Palace (State Apartments)

Prince's Palace (State Apartments)

Guardian of an ancient tradition, this Palace located in a unique setting upon the "Rock" of Monaco,was built on the site of a fortress erected by the Genoese in 1215. Today the splendors of this Palace can be admired by all, such as its Italian-style gallery and its 15th century frescoes; its Louis XVth lounge all in yellow and gold, its blue room, a harmonious blend of glorious blue and gold; its Mazarin room covered with multicoloured wood-panelling; the Throne Room, decorated with an impressive Renaissance fireplace; the Palatine Chapel built in the 17th century; St-Mary's Tower, built from the white stones of nearby La Turbie; the Main Courtyard and its 17th century Carrara marble double staircase…


Opening time
• The visits of the State Apartments will open this year from March 31th to October 14th, 2018
• Exceptionally closed saturday and sunday of the Formula 1 Grand Prix
• Schedules: open 10:00 to 18:00 (last entrance 17:30 ) and from 1st of July to 31st of august 10:00 to 19:00 (last entrance 18:30)

Vehicle Access
• The only vehicles that may drive into the Old Town (Monaco-Ville) area are those having Monaco license plates or French license plates with the last two digits 06 from the Alpes Maritimes Department.
All other vehicles are strictly forbidden to drive to Monaco-Ville.
Parking : Busses and cars are advised to park in the Parking des Pecheurs.
• Bus Access
One may take either Monaco Bus line 1 or 2, which ends at the Place de la Visitation bus stop and signed Terminus Monaco-Ville. The bus stop is next to the Museum Chapelle de la Visitation. From the Place de la Visitation bus stop one follows the posted signs through the small streets to the Palace, a short 5-minute walk.
• On Foot
One may take the 10-minute walk from Place d'Armes up the Rampe Major that brings you right to the Palace Square.


Prince's palace: State Apartments
• Adults: 8 euros
• Children (6-16 years old), Students: 4 euros
• Adults groups (on demand)

Double ticket: State Apartments + Private Collection of Antique cars
• Adults: 11.50 euros
• Children (6-16 years old) + students :5 euro

The State Apartments are not accessible to those in wheelchairs. Access only by stairs.

For more information

Access Map
Place du Palais
Tel. +377 93 25 18 31
Fax +377 93 50 81 73

Visit duration: 40 minutes.


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