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The Principality, a favourite of gourmands and lovers of fine food

An integral part of the international ambience that Monaco exudes, is the variety of cuisines available within its borders. Some of the world's great chefs share their passion for pairing great wines and friendly welcoming venues with their fine foods, using fresh, seasonal and local produce farmed, fished or lovingly tended in and around the Principality,

Besides the grand hotel restaurants, many restaurants and cafes serve delicious dishes which reflect the changing seasons. They offer dishes inspired as much by Provence or the Nicois and Italian Rivera’s as by more exotic horizons in Asia, Latina America and the Caribbean.

More than 170 restaurants and fine eateries dotted throughout the Principality offer specialities from gourmet grills to ravishing roasts using fresh fish, cured meats and local farm favourites.

The Ministerial Decree no.2008-284 on May 29, 2008 modified establishes the classification standards for the Principality's restaurants, dividing them into categories which take into account the establishment's level of attractiveness and comfort. An allocation of "diamonds" from one to five (indicating the highest level of luxury), relates to each of these categories, increasing with the establishment’s comfort and amenities.

Starred Restaurants

The Principality, favoured place of gastronomy. An integral part of this new way of life which gives flavour to a stay in the Principality, gastronomy is greatly honoured by the great chefs who know so well how to share their passion and pass on the richness of the land. »Read more

Brasserie Cuisine

So typically French, the brasseries offer the ideal place to enjoy a mouth-watering steak with French fries in a traditional atmosphere including waiters wearing their ubiquitous aprons. »Read more

Fusion Cuisine

A combination of Mediterranean cuisine and the tastes of Asia, fusion cuisine offers a chance to enjoy new locally inspired tastes with that extra foreign touch. »Read more

Italian Cuisine

As you would expect with Italy so close, Italian cuisine has a special place in the Principality, with a huge choice of pasta, seafood, grilled fish and Milanese escalopes. Italy and its culinary charms can now be enjoyed at first hand. »Read more

Gourmet Cuisine

Enjoy the sheer luxury of excellent, refined cuisine as you experience the exciting world of top-of-the range gastronomy, in which Michelin star-winning chefs compete to offer the very best in creativity and culinary subtlety. »Read more

Mediterranean Cuisine

With its seafood, regional dishes or Monegasque specialities, Mediterranean cuisine is one of the simplest and healthiest forms of cooking, with its olive oil and fine herbs offering many a surprise. »Read more

Pizzeria / Creperie

Guaranteed to delight the whole family. Enjoy a great meal in a pizzeria, or try one of the many pancakes, salads and ice creams. »Read more

Traditional French Cuisine

Are you keen to savour a pot-au-feu (beef stew), a veal blanquette or a coq au vin (chicken cooked in red wine)? »Read more

Exotic Cuisine

Discover a taste of faraway lands. From Japanese sushi to Thai curry not forgetting Mexican tacos, a whole world of new flavours is waiting to be enjoyed. »Read more

Other Establishments

Not categorized restaurants.  »Read more