Public Transport


Public Transport

The city busses of Monaco (La Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco – CAM)

The Monegasque Government has initiated a lot of actions in order to promote public transport in the Principality and to introduce the evening bus (service every evening), the night bus (service on Fridays and Saturdays), the ferry bus that crosses the harbour “Hercule” 7 days a week, attractive rates, increasing frequencies, etc.

The city busses of the Principality run with 30% Diester gasoline (30% Diester gasoline to 70% petro diesel) which is the first French « bio diesel ». In order to reduce its CO² emissions continuously, the Monegasque bus company does not exclude new technologies and sustainability in transportation. On a regular basis electric and hybrid busses are tested in the steeper regions of Monaco for their efficiency. Today, the CAM car park counts 4 hybrid busses whose performances, combined with Diester gasoline, allow a reduction of 40% of their CO² emissions.

  • Daily bus service (1, 2, 4, 5, et 6)

The Monegasque bus company has 5 bus lines starting at 7 am, last day bus around 9:30 pm. On weekdays, their frequency is of 8mn 30sec, on Saturdays and Sundays between 13 and 20mn.

Rates available on the bus :
1 trip: 2 € / Card of 6 trips : 10€
“24h-pass” for only 5€ per person enables you to use all bus lines within Monaco, including the ferry, for 24 hours starting from the moment of first validation of the first bus ride. Children under 7 are free of charge.

Rates at distributors (their location can be found on and at the main agency :
1 trip: 1.50 € / Card of 12 trips : 10€
Pass for 1 day (24h) 5€
Pass for 2 days (48h) 8€
Pass for 3 days (72h) 11€
Pass for 4 days (96h) 13€

  • Evening Bus and Night Bus (N)

The Monegasque bus company guarantees an evening bus service starting at 9:20 to 0:20 am. It is one bus line covering the entire principality in 45mn with a frequency of 30mn. On Fridays and Saturdays, the night bus extends this service from 1 to 4 am, departure every hour.

  • Eletric ferry bus

The electric solar ferry, being part of the public transportation, is not only a shuttle service for the tourists but a concrete example for ecological public transportation.

120 000 passengers used the bus boat in 2011. It suits perfectly the policy “Soft modes of transport and placated”, initiated by the Monegasque Government.

7 days a week, the electric ferry ensures accessibility to both harbour shorelines of the “Port Hercule”, from the “Quai Kennedy” to the land strip “Fort Antoine” and back, every 20mn starting at 8 am to 7:50pm. This service is suspended whilst bad weather conditions.

Boarding : « Quai des Etats Unis » or « Quai Rainier 1e » (Cruise Terminal)

Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco
3, Avenue J.F. Kennedy
Tel. : +377 97 70 22 22


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