Children Explore Monaco's Territorial Waters

Monaco's diving club, the CESMM, is launching the 3rd underwater photography competition for children aged 8 to 15

The competition "Children's Undersea Views," from 14 June to 9 September 2014, is an opportunity for children who can swim to discover the seabed of the Mediterranean coast.

As children explore the natural beauty of the seabed and enjoy the pleasures of diving, Monacology invites them to reflect on respecting the environment and preserving underwater ecosystems.

Grown-ups can also take part, as there is also an underwater photography competition for adults on 4 and 5 October 2014. 

Entry to the competition is free, and a waterproof camera is provided.  The awards ceremony for both adults and children will be held at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

To have a chance of taking the best photos of the seabed in Monaco, prospective swimmers and divers can download the registration form from the following web site:

Further information:

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(Club de plongée de Monaco)
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Port de Fontvielle – 98000 MONACO
Tel.: 06 78 63 04 24
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