The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Inaugurates some new Aquariums

Some major improvements have just been carried out in the section devoted to the Mediterranean Sea

The Oceanographic Museum is offering visitors a redesigned, modernised space.

The aim is to make visits to the museum more fun and educational and enable the public to interact using touch screen tablet computers.

Eight themes are highlighted, using lighting effects and large photographs to create the impression of being under water, and imposing sculptures of marine creatures.

The themes cover the seahorse, brown grouper, brown moray, octopus, cuttlefish, red coral, the fauna of the Posidonia meadow and the Larvotto marine reserve.

New areas have also been created – the "ocean acidification" area shows the effect of massive absorption by the seas of carbon dioxide produced by human activity;  the "news" area, equipped with screens, informs visitors about the "residents" of the Museum and the Mediterranean Sea.

There's also a new "games" area for children, where they can learn through play, and a "commitment area," where visitors who would like to do so can make known their wish to protect the Mediterranean in their own way.

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