The Eco-Responsible Visitor Trail

To mark the European Week for Waste Reduction 2021, here are five ideas for visiting Monaco without harming the environment 


  1. Choose a sustainable-certified hotel
    More and more hotels are obtaining official certification adopting practical solutions to reduce their environmental impact.
    Did you know? In Monaco, 88% of hotel rooms are certified (Green Globe, Green Key and Planet 21) and 97% have signed up to the National Energy Transition Pact.

  2. Use soft mobility
    The most innovative mobility solutions include the public bicycle scheme Monabike and its electric vehicle equivalent Mobee !
    For more solutions, check the Monaco Malin guide or the  City Mapper app. 
    Did you know? There are 79 elevators, 35 escalators, and eight travelators that you can use to get from A to B easily and save time!

  3. Opt for sustainable gastronomy
    From Michelin-starred restaurants to brasseries, local eateries are committed to sustainable development, by obtaining official labels to certify their responsible credentials and using organic, local, seasonal produce where possible.
    Did you know? The Elsa restaurant, at the Monte-Carlo Beach Hôtel, is the first fully-organic Michelin-starred restaurant certified by Ecocert.

  4. Discover Monaco’s biodiversity
    There are numerous gardens and parks to discover in the Principality. All managed in an environmentally responsible way, they each have their own specific character and unique atmosphere!
    Try walking the Heritage Tree Trail or the Biodiversity Trail in the Saint Martin Gardens.
    Did you know? Some 20% of the country is covered by green spaces. Monaco also has three protected marine areas, including an educational marine reserve.

  5. Even on holiday, remember to reduce and sort your waste
    Because the best waste is no waste, the idea is to tackle the root of the problem by avoiding buying over-packaged products and preventing  food waste by asking for your own “little box” or doggy bag... Waste sorting guidelines can be found here .
    Did you know? The Principality has  drinking water fountains across the city, so use washable bottles where possible, and avoid plastic bottles.