Lighting Up Monaco's Place du Casino

Publication date: 05/12/2012
Italian singing star Gianni Morandi will launch the lighting ceremony in the Place du Casino on Saturday 8 December 2012 at 6.30 pm.

Every year, the Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM organises a lighting ceremony, which marks the official launch of the Resort's festive season.

Cascading, interwoven lights will recreate the magic of Christmas.  Trees will be erected from the Place du Casino to the Boulingrins Gardens and the Avenue de Monte-Carlo, decorated in shades of white, gold and silver.

These decorations, which will remain in place until 6 January 2013, are comprised of 80 Christmas trees, sprinkled with white, of up to 9 metres high;  13 metallic, garlanded Christmas trees, the tallest of which is 10 metres high;  2,500 Christmas baubles;  600 starflash lights;  400 LED garlands;  150 m of gold garlands;  100 strings of silver balls;  700 m2 of white wadding and 46 spotlights.

Festive dinners and sumptuous evening events will take place amid these decorations in the Resort Monte-Carlo S.B.M.'s hotels, restaurants and casinos.  Each of these events will celebrate, in its own way, the magic of a festival that focusses once again on its core values – because Christmas is a time for pausing, a special time, like all the unique, special times offered by Monte-Carlo S.B.M.

The traditional fireworks display, which will begin on the stroke of midnight on 31 December, will complete the magic.

Faithful to its "Be Green" environmentally friendly label and its social commitment, the Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM has ensured that all these activities are as environmentally responsible as possible.  The Christmas trees are from sustainable, regulated farming and the LED lighting system is energy saving.  The Christmas baubles are from the Ary-France Centre, which employs people with disabilities.
Lighting the Place du Casino
Saturday 8 December at 6.30 pm