The Heritage Trees Trail

It’s definitely worth following the Heritage Trees Trail... conceived by the Department of Urban Amenities, the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Tourist and Convention Authority, it will give you a complete view of the Principality’s green heritage.

The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world. In an area of two square kilometres, gardens and parks occupy 470,000 square meters, which is more than 20% of the country’s territory.

The Exotic Garden, the Princess Grace Rose Garden, the Little Africa Gardens, the St Martin Gardens and the Japanese Garden are among the best known, but Monaco has many other public and private green spaces.

It is important to protect this green heritage, and numerous initiatives have been launched to improve preservation.
A Tree Code was adopted in 2011. This code also enabled some plants to be classified as “remarkable” trees, as a result of which the Heritage Trees Trail was born in 2013. The trail presents a selection of the most remarkable plants in the eastern part of the Principality (Monte-Carlo District, Larvotto).


What is a Heritage Tree: 
Monaco’s Heritage Trees are identified according to three criteria:
Biological: According to the calculation of the tree’s circumference, taking account of the life span for the oldest species, with the exception of Arecaceae (palm trees) which function in the opposite way. The calculation for these takes account of the height of the trunk;
Botanical: Depending on the rarity of the species and its presence within the country;
Social/Environmental: Depending on the origin and history of the tree, as well as the extent to which it is representative of a location.
More than a thousand trees have been awarded the status of heritage tree. They are all identified, flagged and marked with a plaque providing some information.
Special provisions have been put in place regarding how the trees should be treated and, if required, moved.


Monaco’s Heritage Trees Trail is being offered as part of the “Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation” initiative, in which numerous Monegasque organisations and companies are taking part.

Today, the trail is growing to include trees in the west of the Principality (Monaco-Ville, Fontvieille). This “New Heritage Tree Trail” presents the 92 most remarkable specimens to be found anywhere in the Principality.