A Night Dive to Discover Fluorescent Coral at the Oceanographic Museum

Coral is an animal species that is often forgotten because it is discreet, does not move around and inhabits the seabed

Coral has a surprising ability and creates some very mysterious phenomena … many species of coral have the ability to fluoresce, putting on a veritable multicoloured show for the marine life around them!

To enable as many people as possible to discover and enjoy this display with its with almost unreal tones, on 6 March the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is inaugurating a new discovery area, where all ages will have the chance to go night diving without getting wet, in search of fluorescent corals!

In a nocturnal atmosphere, the curious visitors take their seats around a tropical 5,000-litre tropical pool, above which four divers are suspended, as if floating in the water, holding lights in their hands that reveal the colours.

The corals Montipora rose, Blastomusa, Briareum, Galaxea and Echinopora all feature in this unique performance - showcased like gems in their jewellery boxes, these corals, which are found mainly in the Indo-Pacific region, reveal their unexpected, captivating hues.  

This area was made possible thanks to the support of the Monaco Scientific Centre, Beuchat diving equipment, the aquarium manufacturer Nippura Ltd and Alpheus lighting suppliers.


The pool is accessible every day.  Activities based on this new display will be organised during the holidays.

Oceanographic Museum