Destination Monaco in Yekaterinburg

The DTC's Russian office organised two events in Yekaterinburg on 6 June

Monaco Tourist and Convention Bureau's (DTC's) Russian office launched its promotional day in Yekaterinburg at a special Press lunch.

Yekaterinburg, situated in Urals, is the fourth largest industrial town in Russia, with 1,400,000 inhabitants.  Because of its location by the famous Trans-Siberian railway line, it is strategically important for the Russian market.  

Twelve or so press representatives specialising in lifestyle and tourism were invited to a lunch at the Bordo restaurant, on the subject of Monaco – a relaxing way of informing these opinion leaders of the latest news from the Principality, with the aim of generating articles and press trips between the two countries.

At the end of the day, in the same venue, a touristic presentation was given for the key tourism players in the region, such as tour operators and travel agents.

The evening began with a wine tasting and was followed by a cocktail party and buffet.  It was a great success with all the guests, who were very interested in finding out about the Principality's many assets and attractions.

The main focus of the evening was on leisure.  As a result of this event, many travel agents will undoubtedly go on a discovery trip to the Principality in the autumn, or later in the year, to establish a closer working relationship between the two countries.