Welcome to LittleBigMonaco!

A new bilingual blog for discovering Monaco
In the form of an informal city guide, this blog selects the best addresses in the Principality and the surrounding region and answers all kinds of practical questions – where to go shopping on Sundays, finding a babysitter, where to buy the best baguette, enjoy the most Italian cappuccino or a home-made ice cream, eat organic local food, choose a show, eat gluten free, dine in a child-friendly restaurant, do some sport, meet new people, discover a secret place, etc.

There are four main sections, which are added to regularly:

- Lifestyle (home decoration, sport, beauty, shopping, well-being, practical life.)
- Kids (birthdays, babysitters, child-friendly restaurants, activities, teens.)
- Things to Do (culture, out and about, local producers, restaurants and bars, events.)
- Community (portraits, giving, meeting up, classified ads., etc.)

In addition, every month there will be a new portrait of an inspiring local person.

LittleBigMonaco is aimed at both residents and visitors who are looking for an authentic experience.  Far from the usual, traditional clichés of an unchanging Principality, LittleBigmonaco showcases local initiatives, artists, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, etc.

More info: http://www.littlebigmonaco.fr/