Dissonanze in Accordo – A Universal Message of Peace in Monaco

On 9 March, the Rondine Citadel of Peace association is organising a conflict resolution meeting for young people

On Thursday 9 March, at the Variety Theatre, the Rondine Citadel of Peace association is holding a meeting for young people from "enemy" countries, to try to resolve their conflict.

This meeting is organised by the Rondine Citadel of Peace association under the patronage of the Ambassador of Monaco to Italy, H.E. Mr. Cristiano Gallo, and the Lions Club of Monaco.

Giuseppe Spinetta, Rondine's Ambassador in the Principality of Monaco, with the help of Monegasque members of the Rondine Citadel of Peace association, is promoting the show " Dissonanze in Accordo - A Universal Message of Peace from the Principality of Monaco."

This initiative will take place in the enchanting setting of the Variety Theatre in the Principality of Monaco on Thursday 9 March at 7.30 p.m.  
The Association has many members in the Principality.  It is back with a new version of the show "Dissonanze in Accordo" (which has already been presented in the Principality, in 2012), supported by the Israeli singer Noa, who has been very involved in peace in the Middle East for many years.
The show is based on personal accounts;  the protagonists are young students from all over the world whose countries are at war and who are living the experience of Rondine's Citadel of Peace.  They wish to send a universal message of peace from Monaco – a narrative leading to the overcoming of conflict, with a mixture of painful personal experience, pardon and hope.

The show features "real" accounts that relate very personal experiences – stories of hate transmitted from generation to generation;  young people who refuse the label of "enemies" that history has assigned to them and have chosen to meet at Rondine to live, study and work together to build a future based on peace for their countries, transforming their so-called enemy into a person, sometimes perhaps even a friend, thus breaking down the cultural differences that enclose us in an invisible prison. The narration of these accounts will be accompanied by the Rondine Ensemble, an orchestra comprised of young Italian and international musicians.  This show is an artistic transposition of Rondine's message, and tells of the conflict resolution work that is being undertaken, day after day at the Citadel of Peace, situated in the old Tuscan city of Arezzo, on the banks of the Arno.

Rondine is in fact an international organisation that has been working in cooperation for twenty years to promote and encourage dialogue for conflict resolution at all levels – personal conflict, political conflict, armed or international conflict.  This work is aimed particularly at young people and promotes confrontation, dialogue and training at various levels to build peaceful relationships and concrete projects in the field, as well as promoting social change, thanks to the international network formed by the "pupils" of Rondine and international partners.

Admission Free

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