The Société des Bains de Mer's Wonderful Window Displays in Monaco

A first in the centre of Monte-Carlo!

As part of a major real estate and urban development project, the Sporting d'Hiver will be replaced in 2018 by three buildings with a mix of shops, high-end residences, offices and leisure and cultural areas.

Meanwhile, during the four years of construction work, architect Richard Martinet has designed some "pop-up" buildings, which are unique of their kind, to be erected in the Boulingrins Gardens, Place du Casino.

This project consists of five futuristic pavilions, "Les Pavillons des Merveilles," ("Wonderland Pavilions"), with rounded, pebble-like shapes, covered in an off-white shell, which will house luxury shops.

To improve the appearance and respect the environment of the site while the work is carried out, the Société des Bains de Mer has asked a consulting studio specializing in behavioral and digital strategy, movingdesign, to create some customized hoardings.

The unusual and original design of the hoardings will offer Monegasques and visitors the chance to take a magical imaginary journey into the future shops in the "Wonderland Pavilions."

On each side of the construction site, two large LED displays measuring more than 10 x 2.50 m (33 ft x 8.2 ft) will depict the windows of the shops that will house the luxury brands involved in the project, bringing the Société des Bains de Mer's future Wonderland Pavilions to life.

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