Nu Flow Technology in the Pipes of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco – Discover it until 28 February

Innovative technology that greatly reduces environmental impact

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is always keen to use the latest technology with the least environmental impact.  It is currently testing and renovating its sprinkler system (for fire detection).  In a building of 70,000 m2, this type of work could easily have become a mammoth task … were it not for technology.

It's called Nu Flow … This process from the US has become the world industry leader in coating large- and small-bore pipes.  It can be used to renovate pipes supplying drinking water, heating, air conditioning or for fire services, etc.

Nu Flow technology is economical, non destructive and respects the environment, because it enables all pipework to be renovated with no need for dismantling or demolition.

The advantages of using this technique are clear, as this work will not affect the running of the building!