The Start of a New Look for the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

The hotel will remain open, with a reduced layout, during the renovation period

On 6 October 2014, the Hôtel de Paris will launch a major renovation and restructuring program, which is expected to last for four years.

This is a real challenge for the staff, because the hotel will remain open throughout this period, with a reduced layout.   Nevertheless, to offer clients the best possible conditions, a short two-month phase of preparatory work will be necessary.  This will involve a total closure from 6 October to mid December 2014.

The hotel will reopen in mid December 2014 for the festive period and until 18 January 2014.  The first phase of work will then begin.

The full reopening of the Hôtel de Paris is scheduled for September 2018.

An exhibition of images in the gallery of the Sporting d’Hiver, opposite the shop, shows the renovation project.

The renovation will involve the whole of the hotel, with a rearrangement of both the guest areas and the service areas.

The overall accommodation capacity will be similar to the current capacity, but the surface area of the rooms and suites will be increased and there will be proportionally more suites.

The renovation program will include some major innovations, including an interior courtyard garden in the centre of the hotel and a new look for the roof area, which will house a new spa area, gym and swimming pool, luxurious suites and a "rooftop villa" with a private garden and swimming pool.

The historic façade of the Hôtel de Paris, opposite the Café de Paris, will remain intact.  Legendary places such as the Entrance Hall and the Cellar and iconic establishments, such as the American Bar, the Salle Empire, the Louis XV and the Grill, will remain.