Krug Strawberry-Themed Dinner Menu at the Blue Bay Monaco

Marcel Ravin, chef at the Blue Bay gastronomic restaurant, is offering a seven-course food and wine experience, designed in association with Krug Champagne.

Strawberries take pride of place in this "pop-up" tasting menu by chef Marcel Ravin, which is available throughout June 2014.  He is showcasing strawberries in all their variety, matching them with the very essence of Krug Champagne.

On the menu:

Green asparagus & peas with strawberry jus, flavoured with Mexican tarragon
Carros strawberry Macalong with duck foie gras and citrus fruit
Tangy Breton langoustine vinaigrette with Gariguette strawberries, broad beans and girolle mushrooms
Cargolada of Antipodean garden vegetables with Mara des Bois strawberries
Bresse chicken & strawberry stick stuffed with truffles
Ciflorette strawberry and rhubarb sponge 
Wild strawberry upside-down cake & Tagada strawberry ice cream

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