Exhibition on the theme of "The Conquest of Fire"From Saturday 9 February to Friday 13 September, Musée d'Anthropologie Préhistorique
Feb 7

The Conquest of Fire in Monaco

An exhibition from 9 February to 13 September 2013 at Monaco's Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

This new exhibition at Monaco's Anthropology Museum presents the origins of fire and the tools used for making fire, from prehistory to the present day.  The exhibition also shows the cultural and social role of fire in the cohesion of human groups.

The story of fire is told by means of notice boards with explanatory text, reconstructed objects and a documentary film.

"The Conquest of Fire" exhibition 
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, Monaco
From 9 February to 13 September 2013

More info:  www.map-mc.com

Jun 7

"The Conquest of Fire" at Monaco's Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

Guided visits and workshops, Saturday 15 June 2013

How can we make fire without a lighter?  Mastery of this technique began more than 400,000 years ago.

This exhibition retraces the history and various techniques by means of explanatory information boards, objects and videos.

Guided tours and demonstrations of fire-lighting techniques, and simulations of archaeological excavations, prehistoric paintings and decorative items will be organized.

A day based on the exhibition "The Conquest of Fire"
Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, Monaco
(Visitors entrance via the Exotic Garden)
Saturday 15 June from 1 pm to 6.30 pm