International musical fireworks competition (Republic of China) followed by a concert on the Quai Albert Ier, organised by the Mairie de MonacoWednesday 21 August at 9.30 pm, Port Hercule
Aug 5

Admire the Fireworks in Monaco from an Original Viewpoint

Watch the fireworks in a different way on an excursion around Port Hercule on 9 and 21 August, organized by the bus boat "Camille"

On the occasion of Monaco's International Musical Fireworks Competition, a trip around Port Hercule, in the centre of town, is being organized by the bus boat.

The excursion will last for approximately 1 hour 15 mins.

During the evening, a cocktail or soft drinks and sweet treats will be served to passengers.

Boarding is at the Quai des Etats Unis, at 8.45 pm.

Fireworks Evenings on 9 and 21 August 2013
Children over six years of age are accepted.
Places limited to 25/30 passengers (tickets are on sale every day on board the bus boat, during the 8 pm to 10 pm service).

Further information, prices and bookings: