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Gallery Caré Doré presents Luigi Cervone in Monaco

31.05.2013  Culture

“Mitopoiesis" or the creation of myth from june 4th to june 24th

Luigi Cervone was born in Naples in 1973 and now lives in Agrigente. His work is currently exhibited in the permanent collection of the prestigious Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia in Rome.

Simultaneously in hall 2, the Gallery is presenting its new exhibition project, “Contemporary art jewellery”. Every month, internationally renowned artists and jewellers will present their artistic creations. Neapolitan artist-jeweller, Antonella Stanzione, introduces this new project with her collection “MEAORNAMENTA”, inspired by the works of such 20th century artists as Magritte, Picasso, Le Corbusier and Botero.


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