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The Galerie Carré Doré Monaco in April 2013

05/04/2013  Culture

The Italian artist Davide De Agostini is showing his work in the exhibition "Un attimo per sempre," which runs until 22 April 2013.

Davide De Agostini was born in Turin in 1952.  The son of an artist, his father taught him to draw at the age of five.  He then studied at art college in Turin and at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts.  He began his artistic career at the age of only 15, and has continued to this day without worrying about other people's perceptions.

As a painter, he draws on his own mysterious themes, recreating them on canvas with a touch of wisdom and a palette of amazing effects.  De Agostini's work represents the lost history of humanity, a history of total dissolution and lost memories.

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