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8th Monaco Historic Grand Prix

5/2/2012  Sport

Monaco will pay homage to its past again this year with the 8th Monaco Historic Grand Prix. With seven races on the program, from 11 to 13 May, the Automobile Club of Monaco will recreate an international car-racing event that began on 14 April 1929

Good news for all lovers of old Grand Prix cars - for the 8th Monaco Historic Grand Prix, which will take place from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 May 2012, the Automobile Club Of Monaco has been granted permission by the Monegasque Government for the event to take place over two-and-a-half days.
This is a new time schedule for this famous Monegasque event.   Every two years, the Monaco Historic Grand Prix attracts the greatest collectors of grand prix cars from all over the world, as well as racing fans and others who are nostalgic for these beautiful cars with their roaring engines, who come to watch them compete on the famous circuit in Monaco.

The line–up is comprised of participants from 20 different nationalities.  There are 87 British competitors, followed by the Americans (31), the French (23), the Italians (19) and the Germans (10).  Fourteen Monegasque drivers will compete for the Principality in various races.

The unforgettable sound of the engines and the smell of Castrol and methanol are characteristic of these racing machines, which are part of the legend of the mythical Monegasque race circuit.  The Automobile Club of Monaco's selection committee only accepted 226 applicants from the 300 dossiers submitted.  These include former racing drivers such as Dieter Quester (BMW), Fabien Giroix (DTM), and Arturo Merzario (Ferrari, Williams) as well as other celebrities like Tony Smith, manager of the group Genesis and Nick Mason, the drummer from Pink Floyd, who will be driving racing cars from their collections.

The famous watchmaker Chopard, and Crédit Suisse, who are both involved in some of the leading international events, including historic car races and concours d'élégance, will attend the event, alongside the Automobile Club of Monaco.

The event will be organized as follows:
- Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 May:  Administrative formalities and technical checks
- Friday 11 May in the afternoon and Saturday 12 May:  Practice sessions 
- Races on Sunday 13 May
Seven categories have been selected for this very special weekend:
Category A – Grand Prix cars and voiturettes that have raced before 1952 Category B - Grand Prix cars constructed before 1961
Category C – Pre-1953 Sports cars and Sport Prototypes
Category D - Rear-engine Grand Prix cars constructed before 1966
Category E - 3-liter Formula 1 Grand Prix cars that have taken part in a F1 Grand Prix race from 1966 to 1972 inclusive
Category F - 3-liter Formula 1 Grand Prix cars that have taken part in a F1 Grand Prix between 1973 and 1978
Category G - Formula 3;  2,000 cm3 (pre-1985)

You can find the complete program on the Automobile Club of Monaco's (ACM's) web site:

Official on-line ticket sales for the Automobile Club of Monaco, organizer of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and Historic Grand Prix: www.formula1monaco.com

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