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An App for Monaco F1 Grand Prix Spectators

5/21/2014  Sport

"Circuit of Monaco" is a free app for mobile phones (iPhone & Android) for the Formula 1™ Grand Prix!

The Azurmobile company is offering the many spectators of the Monaco Grand Prix a mobile app entitled "Circuit of Monaco."  The app is available free on iPhone and Android, in French and English, and includes all the useful practical information for this type of event.

The app has many aims:
· To help spectators move around freely and in optimum conditions during Grand Prix days and in the Principality in general;
· To give information in real time on blocked access points;
· To offer easier access to emergency services and general services;
· To provide tools to help spectators organize their daily schedules;
· and to limit the use of overloaded telephone networks.

This application is organized in the form of tabs:

"Access" helps spectators with traveling to the event (and the return journey) by giving information on trains (location of stations and timetables), buses (location of bus stops and timetables), car parks in Monaco that are accessible during the Grand Prix, and finally, the location of each grandstand.

"Series" helps spectators recognize the drivers and teams in all the competitions during the races.

"Program" shows the official program of the various sporting events during the Monaco Grand Prix.

"Services" makes it possible to reach the emergency services as quickly as possible (the police, the fire and emergency service and first aid posts), as well as general services (toilets, cash machines and taxi ranks).

"Circuit of Monaco" therefore enables each visitor to the Principality of Monaco during the Grand Prix to plan their journey each way and  have access to useful information, both during and outside the events.



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