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Fontvieille Park and the Princess Grace Rose Garden

Fontvieille Park and the Princess Grace Rose Garden

A small lake bordered by palms and olive trees, laid out over an area of almostfour hectares, presents a charming space full of serenity in the Fontvieille area, where following a footpath, you will discover many contemporary sculptures.

The Rose Garden first opened on 18 June 1984. Prince Rainier III wanted to create a place in memory of his wife Princess Grace.

More than 30 years later, the new Rose Garden that has just opened is much larger, with a surface area of 5,000 m2. It retains the charm of the previous garden and has 8,000 rose bushes in 300 different varieties.

Visitors can discover roses such as the rose of the Grimaldi Royal Family and roses named after Princes and Princesses and celebrities. Modern equipment has been installed in the rose garden, including an interactive terminal and QR codes on each rose variety.

The Rose Garden will be maintained in an eco-friendly way, which could result in the garden being awarded the "Ecological Garden" label.

Access Map
Fontvieille Landscaped Garden and the Princess Grace Rose Garden
Avenue des Guelfes
Tel. + 377 92 16 61 16


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