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The Principality of Monaco: An Historic City Looks To The Future

You will be dazzled and amazed at every turn! From the historic old town to the stately Prince's Palace and the famous Place du Casino, discover the rich history of the Grimaldis and the Principality.
Contemporary Monaco extended its territory by reclaiming land from the sea and today comprises five districts: Fontveille, reclaimed from the sea and where technology and art sit happily side-by-side; La Condamine, the shopping and marketplace of Monaco located at the foot of "the Rock"; Monaco-ville, the ancient city upon which stands the Prince's Palace, the famous Museum, quaint cobbled streets and the Cathedral; the hillside Moneghetti where the spectacular Exotic Gardens bloom; Monaco's beach-side playground at Larvotto...and the most famous district of all, Monte-Carlo - the heart of the Principality and home to legendary casinos, hotels, shops, gardens and nightlife!
An unforgettable journey awaits the adventurous traveler who will be rewarded with enchanting sites and stunning views as Monaco's rich history and natural beauty unfolds with each step!

Le "Rocher", the "Rock"

Discover the old town through the narrow alleyways from the middle ages which lead to the picturesque Place Saint Nicolas and Placette Bosio, the Chapel of Mercy, Palais de Justice and the Cathedral, a Roman-Byzantine style building built in 1875.  »Read more

Monte-Carlo, the casino

As you arrive at the Place du Casino, the sight of this masterpiece by the famous architect Charles Garnier will take your breath away. Built in 1863, the Casino has been designed around an atrium surrounded by 28 onyx columns, behind which the Salle Garnier, an Italian theatre decorated in red and gold is... »Read more

Fontvieille, the business district

The distrct of Fontvieille was completely reclaimed from the sea during the reign of Prince Rainier III. The Principality made use of cutting-edge technology to build this area which was chosen as the site to accommodate light industry, high-tech and non-polluting companies.  »Read more

From la Condamine to Moneghetti, the heart of Monaco

To experience traditional Monaco, a visit to the local markets at La Condamine is a must. Every morning, the large esplanade located in the heart of town wakes up to the colors and fresh aromas of the fruit, vegetable and flower stalls, surrounded by shaded arcades where locals and visitors can enjoy fresh... »Read more

Le Grand Tour

Come and explore the Principality of Monaco with all its magnificent panoramic views.  »Read more