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27/11/2015   Culture

Exposición de Francis Bacon el próximo verano en el Fórum Grimaldi de Mónaco

Del 2 del julio al 4 de septiembre de 2016, el Fórum Grimaldi dedica su exposición de verano a Francis Bacon.  »Leer más...

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01/12/2015   Monaco around the world

The Beef Bar Monaco is Exported to Hong Kong

This restaurant, with its streamlined, contemporary, chic decor and well thought out menu, is inspiring Hong Kong  »Leer más...

01/12/2015   Shows

Peter Pan on Ice in Monaco

In early March 2016 – "Peter Pan on Ice" – the dream comes true in Monaco  »Leer más...

27/11/2015   Leisure

El mercado de Navidad de Mónaco

El mercado de Navidad de este año está dedicado a Rusia. Se celebrará del viernes 4 de diciembre de 2015 al domingo 3 de enero de 2016.  »Leer más...

27/11/2015   Culture

El Nuevo Museo Nacional de Mónaco desde dentro

Del 26 de noviembre al 20 de marzo de 2016, el NMNM presenta "LAB – El Museo de Arte Mónaco desde dentro", un laboratorio diseñado como una plataforma de discusión y encuentros que busca responder a una pregunta ambiciosa: "¿Cómo es el museo del mañana?".  »Leer más...

24/11/2015   Environment

"Marcha por el clima" en Mónaco el domingo 29 de noviembre de 2015

Mónaco se une a más de 162 países en la marcha global por el clima.  »Leer más...

24/11/2015   Environment

Operación "Mónaco planta cara a los desperdicios alimentarios"

Proyecto piloto del sector hostelero para apoyar la operación "Mónaco planta cara a los desperdicios alimentarios".  »Leer más...

18/11/2015   Restaurant

El "Stars'n'Bars" celebra el Día de Acción de Gracias en Mónaco

El jueves 26 de noviembre, bufé libre de Acción de Gracias en el "Stars’ n’ Bars": pavo, verdura, maíz asado y tarta de manzana para todos.  »Leer más...

Enchante-moi Monaco

Gratuit Leisure Night life

Star Wars Evening at La Rascasse, Monaco

If ever there was a not-to-be missed event during the 2015 festive season, it's a new episode of Star Wars at the cinema, and the famous Rascasse restaurant couldn't miss this opportunity to celebrate!  On Friday 11 December, come and mark the occasion and the release of "The Force Awakens" in Monaco in a festive atmosphere on the theme of Star Wars.

Jedi, droids, the intergalactic Princess and Darth Vader will be there in a starry setting.

On the programme for the evening:  La Rascasse will be entirely decorated on the theme of Star Wars;  films from the Star Wars saga will be projected onto giant screens;  a life-sized ice sculpture of Harrison Ford will be installed at the entrance;  there'll be lots of Star Wars goodies to win and a 2.5-metre TIE fighter will be hung from the ceiling, plus many other surprises.

Don't forget your lightsaber and may the Force be with you!

Further Information / Bookings
Tel.:  + 377 98 06 16 16
E-mail:  info@larascasse.mc

<30 € Restaurant

Madeleine Invites you to "EAT ME"

Madeleine has been a pioneer of healthy food in Monaco since June 2012.  She has always been passionate about cooking, and knows how to combine good health with delicious food.

With one surprise after another, come and rediscover the taste and texture of foods.  It's more than just a concept – it's a philosophy!  Eat well to be well!

She and her team would be delighted to welcome you …
… For a different kind of breakfast from 7.30 a.m.,
… For an unexpected lunch from 11.30 a.m.,
… For a gourmet tea from 3.30 p.m.,
… For a glass of wine with tapas from 5 p.m.,
… Or for a personalised food coaching session (by appointment)

From Monday to Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
7 rue de L'Hermitage
98000 MONACO 
Tel.: 97 98 11 13

Gratuit Gastronomy Stays Night life Useful

Christmas in Monaco

Don't know where to celebrate Christmas and the New Year?   Don't give it any more thought – Monaco's the perfect place!

From 5 December, Monaco will be lit up again.  Red, white, gold … the Place du Casino (Casino Square), the Monte-Carlo Pavilions and the Avenue de Monte-Carlo will glow with a thousand lights throughout December.  On the Quai Albert Ier, you'll find the Christmas village.  Creative workshops, walks, parades, concerts, an open-air skating rink and go-karting on ice – a magical world is coming to life by the waterside.

To celebrate their love of Christmas, the SBM's hotels, restaurants and casinos are also decked out in their most beautiful finery.  Christmas teatimes, creative workshops, unforgettable menus, musical entertainment … The SBM's establishments are full of the magic of Christmas.

Spend the festive season in Monaco and enjoy some exquisite, unforgettable experiences … Don't hesitate any longer!

See the web site for full information and offers.

Gratuit Restaurant

No stress during holidays with Stars N Bars - Thursday December 10th

We know that stress is bad for us and that it contributes to most of the diseases facing us today. Yet the vast majority of us aren’t dealing with stress effectively. What’s more, the upcoming holiday season can really put the pressure on – with increased family obligations and plenty of opportunity for stress-induced overindulgences.

The Clever Kitchen’s “De-stress” workshop explains how a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, along with some key superfoods, can help your body cope better with everyday challenges and boost your vitality, immunity and enjoyment of life. A selection of sweet and savoury dishes will be handed out to try with a demonstration of some of the recipes tasted.

We will also be selling our superfoods at the workshop. Please email melanie@theclever.kitchen if you would like more information.