RYKIEL … At the Fairmont Monte-Carlo

To celebrate Christmas, the New Year - and Lovers - the Fairmont Monte Carlo is inviting one of the greatest designers and femme fatales - Sonia Rykiel
The Queen of Knits at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo

Sonia Rykiel has been faithful to the Riviera for years, and opened her boutique in the Principality of Monaco more than 15 years ago.

Today, the Queen of Knits is unveiling her liberated, colourful, anti-conformist, sophisticated and lively world of "un-fashion" at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.  You can discover the colours of her new Summer 2012 collection in three Acts, which are original, sexy, delicious and exclusive, as well as the unusual definitions from her new book, the "Dictionnaire Déglingué," (literally, the "Battered Dictionary").
Trilogy, Act I:  December:  Bûche Lingot (a cake in the shape of a bar of gold) & Pearls

*PEARL(S) (n.) "You can fall madly in love with a pearl, pearls are extraordinary, impertinent, eccentric, beautiful and round, or baroque.  They can be thrown around your neck, and stay there until a man, mad with desire, unfastens them and throws them onto the bed.  A pearl … "
Sonia Rykiel is a designer and writer, an Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honour,) Officier des Arts et Lettres, (Officer of the Arts and Literature) and Commandeur de l’Ordre National du Mérite (Commander of the National Order of Merit).  She has inspired numerous celebrities from the world of art, literature and cinema.

The team at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, led by Head Pastry Chef Christophe Appert, has created a dazzling, architectural "Bûche Lingot and pearls" cake in the image of this iconic designer with her flaming red hair.  Underneath this crunchy, rich, chic and shiny chocolate cake with its gilded exterior decorated with pearls is a made-to-measure millefeuille creation.  The inside is creamy, with crunchy biscuit and a 70% chocolate crumble, all topped with fresh raspberries, for a dazzling New Year celebration.
Trilogy, Act II:  January:  The Gold of the Kings

*GOLD (n.) "Wear it inside out to touch your skin"
Love, fashion and passion - Sonia Rykiel pioneered a rebellious, sophisticated style, chic and bohemian, quirky and luxurious.  The values of her world inspired the Fairmont Monte Carlo's "Galette des Rois," ("King's Cake", traditionally eaten on Twelfth Night) – for a golden Epiphany celebration that recalls her collection.  This unique, "seamless" Galette des Rois, with its praline filling, is a sweet temptation …  a guilty pleasure.

This year, in honour of Queen Sonia, three lucky people will find a "fève" (a charm traditionally hidden in the Galette des Rois) in the shape of a golden crown, and will receive a wonderful prize from the famous Parisian fashion house** !
Trilogy, Act III:  February – A Love Parade

*FASHION SHOW (n.)  "She walks silently on her crimson stiletto heels.  She seems like an apparition formed from the heat of a burning orange sun.  I recognise her immediately.  She's the woman from the catwalk."

Sonia Rykiel's Parisian fashion label, founded in 1968, liberates women from all constraints with its avant-garde, chic style that is provocative and seductive.  For Valentine's Day, the Chefs at the Fairmont Monte Carlo are portraying love as a fashion show.  The dishes become a catwalk for a stunning, radiant menu in the colours of summer …

5 treats to discover

Five made-to-measure treats on the theme of "yellow" have been created for the occasion, inspired by Sonia Rykiel's Spring-Summer 2012 collection.  This yellow, which is orangey, powdery, sunny, with ochre and coppery tones and touches of saffron and lemon will be featured in all kinds of ways at the gourmet restaurant L'Argentin Monte Carlo, "to reach the heights of the spectacular" as defined by the words of the "Dictionnaire Déglingué*."

♥ DESIRE Yellow:  a cold mousse of artichokes in sweet lemon jelly and caviar

♥ CHIC yellow:  saffron risotto with gold leaf, fillet of red mullet

♥ HAPPY yellow:  veal filet mignon in a colourful parade

♥ MYSTERIOUS yellow:  a rainbow of mini eclairs

♥ PASSIONATE yellow:  a posy of chocolate flowers

And, as a beautiful end to this romantic occasion, a competition will be organised during the evening, and the lucky winner will receive a Sonia Rykiel * * gift, so glamorous and covetable …

The fashion for the New Year celebrations at the Fairmont Monte Carlo will be "un-fashion!"

*  Dictionnaire Déglingué, published by Flammarion on 2 November
* * The prizes are to be collected from the Sonia Rykiel Boutique, Place du Casino, Monaco