The Spirit of Christmas Comes to the Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco

Many different activities are being offered in the afternoons from 14 December to 5 January on the Boulevard and Place des Moulins

All the shops, agencies and banks in the Place des Moulins and along the Boulevard des Moulins wanted to recreate the magic of Christmas again this year.

So, from 14 December, passers-by will be strolling along to the sound of Christmas songs.  Every afternoon, Father Christmas will come to meet adults and children.

Some original workshops are on offer for children, as well as the Disney parade!

The complete programme:

Christmas time around the Boulevard and Place des Moulins – From 15 to 31 December 2012 – Between 3 pm and 7 pm

15 December:

Father Christmas
The Mother Christmases Ensemble
French songs

19 December:
Father Christmas
1 workshop for children

22 December:
Father Christmas
Fun Photo Studio
Disney Parade

23 December:
Father Christmas
2 workshops for children

24 December:
Father Christmas accompanied by a mobile Photo Studio
2 workshops for children

30 December:
Balloon sculpture
The Déjanté musical group

31 December
Latino Group
And lots of other surprises!!!!

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