Monaco's Brewery Celebrates its 500th Brew

Monaco's Brewery, the Brasserie de Monaco, has revived beer making in the Principality. Today, it's celebrating its 500th brew.

Four-and-a-half years after it opened, the Brasserie de Monaco has brewed 500,000 litres of Monaco beer and created 20 special beers, as well as the traditional lager, white beer and amber beers, which are available all the year round.

Monaco beer is not filtered or pasteurised, and is drawn directly from the vats.

For the 500th brew, master brewer François Pichon has created a special lager in the style of the microbreweries of the American West.

This American Pale Ale is a unique brew, made from exceptional, rare, aromatic hops that produce a powerfully bitter flavour.