A New Look for Monte-Carlo's Boulingrins Gardens

For four years, while work is being carried out by the Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM, five futuristic, pebble-shaped temporary pavilions will be erected in the Boulingrins Gardens

The site currently occupied by the Sporting d'Hiver building is being upgraded in a major real estate and urban development project in the centre of Monte-Carlo.  This will enable this special site to play its historical role in the economic, social and cultural development of the city once again.

The project respects the environment and will ensure that the trees in the Boulingrins Gardens, which are part of the natural heritage, are protected for the future.  It will make it possible to rehouse 20 luxury shops on a temporary basis while work on the Sporting d'Hiver site is being carried out.  Work on the project began in June 2013.  

Architect Richard Martinet has designed a temporary development that can accommodate the 20 shops.  The buildings have futuristic, rounded, shapes, and will be erected between the Avenue de la Costa and the Place du Casino.

Five pavilions of various sizes, ranging from 220 to 600m² each, with a maximum height of 10 metres and a total surface area of 2,500m², will house the shops for four years while the work is undertaken.  The buildings have a shell of aluminium panels in off white and are comprised of box-like sections that can be dismantled and reassembled.

It was necessary to move some of the trees in the Boulingrins Gardens while the temporary shops are being built.  Approximately fifty trees have been transplanted and are being grown in a tree nursery, before being replanted permanently in the gardens.

These shops are a foretaste of the future development that will breathe new life into the area and make it a lively, convivial place that is exemplary in terms of green urban planning and sustainable development.

Completion of the shops is scheduled for May 2014.