A Different Way of Discovering Monaco

The "Au Coeur de ma Ville" ("Heart of my City") Association is offering city walks to discover various districts of the Principality

The "Au coeur de ma ville" association is headed by Jean-Marie Ferrié, a native of Monaco, who speaks passionately about his homeland.

Jean-Marie Ferrié accompanies visitors from district to district on cultural walks, for a "different" kind of tour around Monaco, because, as he is keen to point out, 

… Monaco isn't just high-rise buildings that overwhelm the Belle Epoque villas … not just Ferraris and other luxury cars shown off in the Casino Square … not just luxury yachts moored in Port Hercule.  There's a Principality with its own history, its own identity, and people who are passionate about it.  The Principality isn't just what you see, but also what has been … "

The association is offering several discovery tours of various districts, as well as an original visit to the Formula 1 circuit (the idea is to point out heritage sites along the circuit, while talking about everything related to the Monaco Grand Prix - its history, anecdotes and organisation.)

Also on offer is the Via Alpina circuit (which originates in Trieste and ends in the Place du Palais).  The guide invites visitors to start in the Place d'Armes and walk up to the belvedere situated below the Tête de Chien hill, where they can have a picnic (a short, four-hour walk, for which appropriate footwear is required).

Full information on the circuits offered by the Association is available on:  http://www.monaco-rando.com